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Birthday MOTs

If you have one of the following medical conditions we like you to attend for a Birthday MOT once a year during your birthday month.

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Kidney problems called ‘CKD-4 or CKD-5’
  • Heart Disease (Heart attacks, heart failure, angina, atrial fibrillation)
  • Peripheral vascular disease (Narrowing of the arteries in your legs or aorta)
  • Strokes or TIAs (mini-strokes and you have made a full recovery) 

The Tests

We will carry out the following tests

Blood tests                         Kidneys, liver, thyroid, cholesterol, blood sugar

For more accurate results, please make sure you are not dehydrated or thirsty and do not eat meat for 12 hours before the test

Breathing tests                  To check how healthy your lungs are

Urine test                           To check how healthy your kidneys are (please bring an early morning sample)

Blood pressure

Height and weight

We will also ask you about smoking, alcohol and the amount of exercise you take.

If you are due any immunisations, such as a flu jab, boosters or shingles vaccination we will offer these at the same time.

If you have diabetes we will check you are having regular foot and eye checks.

How to book

This is simple. Give us a ring!  Please quote BIRTHDAY MOT TESTS when you phone.

After the tests

The Health Care Assistant will discuss with you the best way for you to receive your results.  For some conditions we will ask that you attend a second appointment with the Practice Nurse who will produce a written plan on how you would like to improve your overall health and manage your long term condition.

You may prefer to receive your results by letter or email (for example if you are feeling fit and well and receiving optimum treatment for your condition). We will ensure that you are fully informed when your next checks are due and what they will be.

How to find out more

For further information about your conditions please visit these NHS Choices web pages; they have many useful tips and videos to help you manage your health.






Lockside also have a library of self-help videos on a range of conditions, which you may find helpful.  We recommend you watch these with the people who are close to you as they can also find them informative.

Type 1 Diabetes

If you would like to know more about Type 1 diabetes and how to manage the condition including diet, and the use of insulin


Type 2 Diabetes

If you would like to know more about Type 2 diabetes and how to manage the condition, including diet, treatments, exercise and weight loss.



If you would like to know more about COPD and how to manage this chest condition and how to get fitter. www.medic.video/ntg-copd

Exercise with Lung Disease

If you would like to know more about exercising with lung disease


Chronic Pain

Many people with a long term condition also experience a lot of pain. This may be helpful


Mental Wellbeing

If you would like to know more about how to improve you mental well-being


Heart Failure

If you would like to know more about heart failure and how to manage the condition