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What do my results mean?

Blood Test Results

The descriptions below give an explanation and details behind some of the most common phrases used. 

Normal This means your clinician has looked at the result and has decided it is within the normal range for the test and so no further investigation or treatment is needed. If this leaves you with unanswered questions about your symptoms, or things are getting worse, then please contact the practice.
Satisfactory This means your clinician has looked at the results and deemed it to be very close to the normal range for the test and the result is not concerning. Some patients have consistently abnormal results that are ‘normal’ to them.
Abnormal but expected. Take no action This means your clinician has looked at the result and no further investigation or treatment is needed. This may be for the following reasons:

  • The result is in keeping with your known medical condition(s)
  • The result has already been discussed with you
  • You are already on the correct treatment
Repeat test Small fluctuations in test results are common and slightly abnormal results usually return to normal without the need for treatment. Your clinician would like to check your result has returned to normal or remained stable. There should be an indication of how long you should wait before rechecking your blood test.
Positive Often used with tests for infections – this means that the condition being tested for has been detected. You will also receive a text about this result if treatment is needed, telling you what to do next.
Negative Also often used with tests for infections. Self-explanatory. No further treatment or investigation(s) is needed.
Specimen lost/unusable, repeat test Unfortunately very occasionally samples are lost. Sometimes there is a delay in samples reaching the laboratory which can affect the quality of the specimen making it unusable. Occasionally an incorrect test is requested in which case a repeat may not be needed. On the other occasions an incorrect bottle or label may have been used.
If symptoms persist contact the practice If you have a normal result, but still have concerns we would expect you to contact the practice by phone or on-line consultation.
Your clinician will phone to discuss your results This usually means it isn’t possible to give you a simple message about your results and your clinician would like to explain it in detail to you and help you decide what to do next
A prescription has been issued and sent to your nominated pharmacy Your test result(s) indicate that you need some medication and a prescription has been issued.
Results will be discussed at your planned review This means you clinician has already arranged to see or speak to you about your results. This comment might be used if the test was taken as part of your long term condition review, for example your Birthday MoT.

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